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Noel Kardashian Noel Kardashian less than a week ago

Goodness. This outfit will be your go-to movers for life if you ever get to experience the care and consideration you get when moving your furniture or whatever you need moved. They are punctual, quick and careful with your valuables. They arrive prepared for anything and will supply boxes and help pack if necessary. I highly recommend this company for moving. They are above and beyond. Edward and his team is the most helpful resource when it comes to the ordeal of the dreaded "moving day".

Dominique Sanders Dominique Sanders a week ago

I had a fantastic experience with Happy Home who did move for us (one from our storage unit). They were SO efficient, kind, careful and responsive. All of our movers were so nice and worked so hard to get our stuff moved. On our storage unit move, they finished in about half the time I'd expect. I am so impressed by the service and care I received from company and not surprised by all their other amazing reviews (why I hired them in the first place - thanks yelp :)

Madalyn Feld Madalyn Feld 3 weeks ago

Thank you Alex and Paul!!! Happy Home Moving was so helpful and efficient! Would definitely suggest to family and friends. It was such an easy process to get an appointment on short notice. Alex and Paul were very prompt and moved my furniture with care and in a very timely manner. I will be using them again in the future and thank them for all of their help!

Erica Wilson Erica Wilson 2 weeks ago

Alec and Ars were the BOMB!! We didn't exactly have everything packed in boxes neatly and they didn't skip a beat. They handled everything carefully but very quickly, you don't have to worry about making sure they're not slacking. We went ten minutes over four hours but they honored the four hour rate. I would HIGHLY recommend their services!

Margot McDaniel Margot McDaniel 3 weeks ago

Alec and Ars were great! Very speedy and careful with furniture. Asked where I would like everything vs plopping it down anywhere! So easy to get an appointment and the rates are very reasonable! They helped pack some of the stuff that was too awkward to fit in any of the boxes I had. The wardrobe boxes, tape, and blankets were included. Where other companies would have charged $500 I made out with $350. Great value!

Sravan Kumar Reddy Ganta Sravan Kumar Reddy Ganta 2 weeks ago

Alex & Dima did a really great job at moving. Asking questions along the without wasting any time for us. I would definitely recommend them. And for 79$ a hour, I think​ this is the best service we can get.

We would definitely hire them again.

Surfn CA Surfn CA 2 weeks ago

This company has demonstrated complete professionalism handling my furniture with the most attentive care wrapping and securing them for transportation, they also showed understanding and support when I had to reschedule for my move at the last minute. They were efficient and fast but also showed flexibility. They went beyond my expectation, I strongly recommend their services. Thank you!

Nicole Jones Nicole Jones 2 weeks ago

This company is great! My sister and I moved from our condo to a single family home, and our movers were awesome. Barry, Dennis and Ars got in, protected our property and got us into our new home. Very professional, very fast, and friendly. I would highly recommend using this company, they're affordable and dependable!

Stacy Godoy Stacy Godoy 3 weeks ago

Barry and Denis were very nice and efficient. They moved me out in under three hours (only had a studio size place). Nothing broke. Everything is nicely placed :)

christy bishop christy bishop a week ago

It's my first time using Happy Home Movers and I must say, I was very happy with their service. They arrived on time, were professional, and cared for my furniture like it was their own. I will definitely use their services again! Highly recommended!! Thanks Barry, Alex, and Denis!!

Deborah Myers Deborah Myers 2 weeks ago

Alec and Ars were excellent. We were moving to a different floor in our building and didn't have everything completely packed but they made do and helped put things in boxes without complaining or charging us anything extra. I would recommend them to anyone in need of some movers. Great service, attitude and price. Thank you!!

Ryder Livingston Ryder Livingston a month ago

Barry and Denis just moved us - we couldn't have been happier with their work. We kept them well into the evening and had them carry an incredibly heavy armoire up a tiny flight of stairs in our condo. These guys are amazing. Like everyone, I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I am definitely calling Happy Home and asking for Barry and Denis!

Ray S Ray S a month ago

Sergei and Edward were great. They arrived on time, we very professional and were great with the packing and taking professional care of my belongings. I highly recommend them. You can't go wrong with the price and the experience. Thanks guys!

David Kashani David Kashani 3 weeks ago

I had a great experience moving with Barry and Denis from Happy Home Moving. They were both very professional and took the time to make sure my move went smoothly. I will definitely use them again. Thank you guys!

Julia Tiu Julia Tiu less than a week ago

David and Paul were timely. They called in advance to let you know when they coming. They arrived and wrapped everything and were careful with our furniture. Good job and thanks very much for great help!!!

Michelle Uzeta Michelle Uzeta a month ago

Klara was nice and professional in setting up the appointment. I was accommodated on short notice and was not charged extra when I had to change my moving date. The price was as stated, no hidden costs. Movers were right on time, worked hard and quickly without a break for 5 hours. Wrapped and moved things carefully, broke down and reassembled beds without a problem, and had to navigate lots of stairs! William even helped me sell a treadmill to one of my new neighbors. Highly recommended - made moving day 10x less stressful for me & my kids.

Sydney Wallis-Davies Sydney Wallis-Davies a month ago

Lee and Lee were great! I made my appointment the day before (thank goodness they had availability) and they arrived on-time. Their minimum prices were appropriate and they did their job thoroughly!

SHARON SHARON a month ago

First time using movers. Barry and Paul were awesome, quick, and efficient! We had to do everything last minute and in a rush, they made the process much less stressful than expected. They were very careful with the items and furniture. I highly recommend this company if you need to move. Thank you guys!!

Andrew C Andrew C 3 weeks ago

I was very satisfied with Happy Home Moving Company. Eric and Max were punctual and very professional- they took care of everything and even assembled some of the furniture at the new house. It is very reasonably priced. Overall, a great experience!

Alison Guzman Alison Guzman a week ago

Alec and Ars were very efficient! Super fast and all of our furniture after the move are in great shape. Very friendly and professional. Will definitely hire them again for my future move. Highly recommend!

Holly Smith Holly Smith a month ago

I just finished up with Happy Home Moving and it was such a pleasure. Kan & Ars were speedy & efficient, utilizing the 3 hours to the max. All my boxes were carefully packed up on the truck, and all furniture made it without a scratch! Would definitely recommend to anyone who is moving in the LA area.

Leanne Carter Leanne Carter a week ago

Alex, Erkin and David were AWESOME!! They were polite, on time, careful and worked from the minute they got here until the minute they left! My new neighbors kept coming out and wanted their information because everyone could tell how good they were!! Highly recommend them!!!

Stewart Rosen Stewart Rosen a month ago

Ivan and Max are like Russian Supermen. All of our stuff was moved in perfect condition, and they work their asses off like true professionals. My fiance and I are very happy with the service, and we highly recommend them. We had a happy experience.

Liz schoenfeld Liz schoenfeld 2 weeks ago

Eric and Yerzhan were amazing- hands down the best movers I've ever had!!! They were very professional, they worked quickly, courteously, and handled my antiques with great care. They really care that their customer is happy and were happy to help pack as well, I'd definitely recommend them!

katie wong katie wong 4 weeks ago

Man and Ads they a very awesome job and worked fast and wrapped all our things. We were very satisfied with the job. We will call them again if we need to move. Would recommend this company

Jovan Bennett Jovan Bennett 2 months ago

Most amazing moving service I've ever had! The movers are efficient and very friendly, not to mention accommodating! My furniture was moved to a be apartment and I have my old place back the way I left it, just in my new place now 😊. Thank you so Happy Home Movers you guys rock! I will def be using your services in the future 👍

Alexa Lynn Alexa Lynn less than a week ago

Great experience with Dennis and David. Hard workers, best workers in town. 100% would recommend this company. Fast and hard working for a great price.

Lynzel Allen Lynzel Allen a week ago

Great company that cares. Professional and well-trained team personnel with all you might need to safely, securely from scratches (dent and other), fast and reliable moving. Trust these guys everything . They will cover, wrap and smoothly move all of you personal belongings. Thank you Edward and Sergei.

Lyndsie Okumura Lyndsie Okumura a month ago

Alec and Ars made our move so easy! We had a bunch of stuff and they moved us for about 7 hrs but they were troopers and always made sure our furniture was protected! Would definitely use them again for any future move. Thank you Happy Home Moving Company!

Luis Vega Luis Vega 2 months ago

After 2 other moving companies stood me up. Happy Home Movers, came out at 9am helped me unload my truck. The gentlemen that came to help, were just that gentlemen. Courteous, prompt, delicate with our belonging and respectful of our home. I recommend them 100%.

Connie Hwang Connie Hwang 2 weeks ago

Alec & kuat were such a great help! Would definitely hire them for movers again. Very attentive and fast! 5 stars hands down 😁

Andrés AgudeloGarnica Andrés AgudeloGarnica 2 months ago

Very nice and quick team. Very fair price and pretty fast movers. I hope I won't need move anytime soon but if I need to I'will definitely call them again. 100% recommended.

Nicole Scimia Nicole Scimia a week ago

Alec and Ars were awesome and so quick! They were on time, super friendly and got the job done quick. Would absolutely book Top Movers again! They were great!!!

Bob Kopot Bob Kopot a week ago

I wish I could give more than 5 stars to this amazing crew - Edward and Serge. Guys were fast, they loaded / unloaded everything nonstop.They were super hardworking, quick/efficient, and nice. I definitely recommend this company, and will hire them again the next time I move!

Jessica Friedman Jessica Friedman less than a week ago

David and Paul we terrific! Fast and really polite. I can't wait to use them again!

Karina Yzobel Karina Yzobel a month ago

Barry and his men were amazing. Punctual, efficient, and very professional. They came prepared and ready to move! Highly recommend. I've used them twice and my family has used them several times.

Katie Encabo Katie Encabo a month ago

Barry and Denis just finished our move and we could not have been more impressed! They worked their butts off and got a nearly 200 pound armoire up a very narrow curvy staircase, all with a positive attitude. I could not recommend them more.

Alexander Gallo Alexander Gallo 3 weeks ago

I really like how they did things pretty fast, quietly and treating good my stuff. I like how patient they where to move things to the public storage. I really recommend happy home moving Alec & Ars were amazing.

Hans Kostrzewski Hans Kostrzewski 3 weeks ago

Alec and Ars are the best movers in town. Very fast, safe, friendly, and efficient! Will be calling them again shortly. Great moving company!

Jennifer Do Jennifer Do a month ago

Alec and ars did such a great job w our moving. They worked quickly and were extremely hard working. I'd definitely recommend them to other people if you're planning on moving!

Jaime Churchill Jaime Churchill a month ago

Eric and Paul were very polite, professional and quick. I wouldn't highly recommend these guys to anyone. They made this move extremely smooth.

Joerelle Bennett Joerelle Bennett 2 months ago

These guys were super helpful Abe they have great pricing! Quick easy service with a friendly attitude and no messing around. Absolutely recommend Happy Moving Home!

Amelie Laurice Amelie Laurice a month ago

Alec and Ars are highly recommended! Cheap and very good. Despite my elevator being broken, they managed to make the move very swiftly!

Ask me if you have any questions

Matthew Giangrande Matthew Giangrande 2 weeks ago

Used them twice and they are great! Ask for Edward and Sergei. Very polite and efficient. Careful too!

Christian de leon Christian de leon a month ago

Alec and sergy were great! They were very efficient and worked diligently. The most important part was getting our stuff to the place safely. Not to mention they did it with a smile. I highly recommend the service.

Becca Spiegelman Becca Spiegelman 3 weeks ago

amazing job - Alec and Ars were awesome! Would highly recommend and will definitely use again. Don't look anywhere else.

Shelle Carrasco Shelle Carrasco a month ago

Beat experience moving! The workers moved everything with caution,wrapped valuables, and moved quickly. They were totally efficient and friendly! Our workers were Barry, Paul, Dima and we would totally hire again. Thank you happy home moving for this easy day!!

Bold Projects Bold Projects a month ago

Edward Sergei Dima and Vladimir are the best crew. I've used them multiple times and they were excellent. They worked quickly and carefully and I honestly couldn't believe how much they moved in one day. I will always use them.

Adrienne Jones Adrienne Jones 2 weeks ago

Thank you soooo much to Barry's team!!!! Barry Ars and Denis were efficient and moved quickly. They handled all of our heavy appliances and furniture with ease and I appreciate them making my move smooth. Definitely recommend!

Yasuhiko Aoki Yasuhiko Aoki a month ago

Alex and Ivan did a great job for us!! We loved their work. I will recommend the Happy Home Moving and the two movers!

Angela Clayton Angela Clayton a month ago

Barry and Paul were awesome! The Client before them kept them long so they were late. But, they were professional and accommodating, especially since my mattress weighed 163lbs. Thanks for the help, guys!

juliana passsos de oliveira juliana passsos de oliveira 2 weeks ago

Alec, Paul, Aman, Alex are great guys, they come in a very good mood and stay like that until the end! They never look tired and are always helping with any issue! Great move! 😉

GeRM PROD GeRM PROD a week ago

Quick and friendly. Everything was intact. Barry and Dennis had a lot on their plates but got it done with ease.

Daritza Rivera Daritza Rivera 2 weeks ago

Thank you to Barry and Dennis!!! They were awesome and very professional. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

Antonella Barba Antonella Barba a month ago

Alec & Ars showed up the day of my move & got me into my new place with no hassle. They literally saved my life. I was not prepared at all for my move, & they helped me pack on the spot & get everything done stress free. I don't know how on earth I could have done it without them!

Sharon Velderrain Sharon Velderrain a month ago

Edward and Sergei moved me and did a great job. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Fast and efficient and very reasonably priced.

Steven Tobler Steven Tobler a week ago

Great move today by Barry & his team. Super professional and quick to solve all our tough logistical problems. I'd recommend them to anyone

Pearline Yang-Nguyen Pearline Yang-Nguyen a month ago

Alec, Ars, and Williams are AWESOME! They were punctual, and very organized with packing up everything at my sister's apartment, moving to the new place, and totally unpack everything for her. We are very happy with their service and will definitely use them again in the future.

Mike Burrows Mike Burrows a month ago

Barry and Paul helped us move out 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor to our new apartment located on a third floor. Very efficient and careful with everything we needed to move. Couldnt ask for anything more!

Alexa Mae Alexa Mae less than a week ago

Thank you soooo much for all of your hard work! Dennis and David are extremely motivated and friendly!! I would recommend these guys for a job well done!!!

Emalie Ferguson Emalie Ferguson a month ago

Edward and Dima are great! I use these guys every time I need something moved, big or small. They're very affordable and extremely careful with fragile items. Recommend strongly!

Marty Crown Marty Crown a month ago

These guys were Amazing! It took approx 4 hrs to move a 1 bedroom apartment full of stuff (which were packed up as well) to a small storage unit. I worried that storage was too small, but movers stacked all my belongings so proffesionally even some space left there! I'm impressed! Definetly hire them again! Absolutely 5 stars!

Scott Cannon Scott Cannon a month ago

Alex and Dima were the best movers I've ever worked with. This is my third move in 3 years. Excellent experience all around, will hire them again.

Matthew Matthew a month ago

Kan and Ars moved my whole apt in just 4 hours, which is very quick considering the long walks back and forth from the truck, and that there were only 2 of them. This is my 2nd time using this company, and will continue to use them. Highly recommend!

Betty Bowen Betty Bowen 2 months ago

Edward, Sergei, and Dima are very professional. They are efficient and we're careful with our belongings. They were very pleasant as well, accommodating our changes in furniture placement without any hesitation. I would definitely recommend this team

Mildred Morales Mildred Morales a week ago

Eric and Yerzham were awesome! Will hire this company again. Thanks guys for being so helpful!

Annie Tran Annie Tran less than a week ago

Eric and Denis were a great team for us! Moving can be so stessful but they were on time, efficient, and very careful with our things.

Mia Jackson Mia Jackson a month ago

My movers did an awesome job!! The were very professional. I would definitely recommend Happy Home Movers!

Yukie Tsuji Yukie Tsuji 2 months ago

Alec and Ars were very punctual, professional and courteous. They quickly moved my belongings from my storage box to my residence. I would definitely hire them again and refer them to friends.

harshitha reddy harshitha reddy a month ago

Alec, Dima were very helpful and very fast. Moving our home wasn't so stressful because of them. Thank you guys!! You both are awesome!!

Grace Gastelum Grace Gastelum a month ago

Barry, Ivan & Paul were such a pleasure to work with - only smiles from them even after 6 hours of moving, a difficult stairway to maneuver & difficult driveway. I would use them again & recommend them to family & friends every time. Thank you for a Happy Home Moving!!!!

Ruth Stalford Ruth Stalford a month ago

Professional, reliable and affordable! You cannot ask for more. Made our move easy. Will work with them again!

Selvi Ersoy Selvi Ersoy a week ago

Barry and Denis were great! Arrived promptly in the morning and packed our items efficiently and with care. Had no trouble getting our bulky standup desk out the door and down the stairs; also carefully disassembled and reassembled our large bed frame and head board. Unloading was very quick, our only hiccup was when their moving truck got blocked into our new complex by someone's car :( !! Luckily we got it moved, thanks guys for being patient :) highly recommend this moving company!

brittny danielle brittny danielle less than a week ago

The movers were amazing & the price isn't bad at all!! Thank you Eric & Max for working so hard! :)

Josh Barker Josh Barker 2 months ago

I am extremely happy to have hired this company to do my move. I thought I might be getting less for less but I was wrong. These two guys worked their tails off from start to finish and were very courteous. I will definitely be using these guys again in the future.

Marshell Rhodes-Shannon Marshell Rhodes-Shannon 4 weeks ago

Alex and Lee very professional and do an awesome job. I will use there company for all my staging, thanks. Peace and blessings!Marshell Rhodes Realtor Century 21Award

Joseph Vijay Ingam Joseph Vijay Ingam 4 weeks ago

Alex and dema were helpful in the move they were very efficient . Everything got done in less than three hours nothing was broken. I strongly recommend them to anyone who's looking to move .

Delbrah Moore Delbrah Moore 2 weeks ago

Ivan, Max, Denis, Majit did a great job. They made my move quick and quality. Higly recommended this company!

Quincie Candice Quincie Candice 2 months ago

They were super helpful! Alec and Alan were the best and helped with everything. I would definitely recommend them :) Such an easy process!

Blake Murrell Blake Murrell a month ago

Alec and Argyn did a great job helping us move! They were right on time and were very accommodating to our needs.

lauren moreno lauren moreno 2 weeks ago

Barry and Dima are amazing they pulled a full eight hour shift and problem solved like no
Other everything was perfectly placed where we needed it and everything was wrapped all nice an ease with them helping us today !!! Def recommend!!!

Danielle Felmlee Danielle Felmlee a month ago

Polite. Well priced. Fast. Careful.

Alac and Ars were fantastic. I highly recommend these guys!!

Do t go anywhere else.


Michael Hines Michael Hines 2 months ago

First class move - the team did our entire home in two and a half hours, were very kind, and everything was in perfect condition. Top notch, I would use them again.

xinlei yang xinlei yang a month ago

Called and made reservations at noon moved by the afternnon. Super nice and efficient movers. Also competitive rates!

Nicole Sullivan Nicole Sullivan a month ago

Alec and ars were amazingly helpful in an extremely volatile and awful situation with my landlord. They waited 2 hours for the cops to show up and did not charge me. They then got all my items out in an hour, and after the ordeal I had been through they gave me a discount. They're amazing and going to be the company I use when I move again!

Lisa Kurstin Lisa Kurstin a month ago

The crew is so courteous, careful and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased with the service. Great price too.

Samantha Armiger Samantha Armiger 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the great job, guys! With Barry and his partner our move went very smooth. Couldn't be happier

Ted Costas Ted Costas 2 months ago

These guys were great. The third time I've used them and they were very reasonable and the work was excellent.

Marmaduke cooke Marmaduke cooke a month ago

The movers I had were Barry, Paul, Maga & Alexey. They were all hard workers and professional. Barry went out of his way to make a stressful situation a lot more bearable. He is very positive and is a great leader. I definitely would recommend them.

Actlete Actlete a month ago

Big thanks to Barry and Ars for helping me move to my new apartment! Very professional and quick!

Jaime Stephanie Jaime Stephanie 3 weeks ago

Thourough, efficient, great customer service! This is the second time we used HHM and they were excellent again! Thank you Barry, Denis, & Bobi! You guys rock!

Muna Alnaimi Muna Alnaimi 4 weeks ago

Berry was grate he came on time he fix my things with his friend and he helped me to rap all boxes,, also they care of the things in carry and louding ,,, honestly he did his jop very well and he is very nice guy .. and for sure will recommend him to my best friends .

Michael Balsie Michael Balsie a month ago

Alec and Ars were on time, friendly, and extremely efficient. Would highly recommend/use again.

Deneen Ray Deneen Ray a month ago

Barry, Paul and Serge were awesome. They were fast, careful with all of my items and VERY helpful and kind.

Lilli M Lilli M 2 months ago

They were on time very efficient they quickly moved the items from one place to another I had multiple for delivery and they were able to accommodate that easily I would recommend them to anyone they did a fabulous job think so much

Jamie Gray Jamie Gray a month ago

Alec and Ars were amazing! I would definitely recommend using Happy Home!!!They were fast and made the moving experience great!

Mona B Mona B a month ago

Kind people, so helpful. Clean job and quirk delivery...
I am happy 😊

Rainey Hewett Rainey Hewett 4 weeks ago

Very great, they were smart and organized...Max and Ivan made moving super seasy!

Seph G Seph G a month ago

Max and Ivan were really kind and helpful!! We hghly recommend them and would use their company again :)

Roshan Rajani Roshan Rajani less than a week ago

Yerzhan and Majit were awesome. Job done no issues

Delay Baro Delay Baro 2 months ago

Edward, Sergei and Dima did an excellent job during the moving process. Everything thing as prompt and executed the right way - would definitely look to use them again next time I move.

Anudeep Tummalapalli Anudeep Tummalapalli a month ago

Alec and Dima were awesome, they were right on time and performed the job very well!! 5 star service !!

melody dagonel melody dagonel a month ago

These movers were amazing!!! Alec and Ars were just phenomenal really helpful and patient!!!! Will definitely use them again 😊

tiffany toto tiffany toto a month ago

Alac and Dimi were amazing! Arrived on time and were fast and efficient! Definitely a great company to use, will use them again. Thank you!!!

Rosa Legato Rosa Legato a week ago

Edward and his crew were excellent to work.As for the company, there are no hidden fees & were the most affordable for the coverage area. These guys work hard and offer a great service for a standard rate.

Delaney Mclaughlin Delaney Mclaughlin 3 weeks ago

We had Paula and Alex, they were very nice and hard workers! Would definetly use this company again !!!

Alexis Vitenas Alexis Vitenas less than a week ago

They were great! Super careful, wrapped everything, didn't scuff the walls and were quick!

Jose Velazquez Jose Velazquez a month ago

Alec Ars Argyn Volodya

Were all great help and took care of not damaging our antique furniture. Will cal again. Thanks guys!

Isabella Okelberry Isabella Okelberry a month ago

Excellent movers! Used them twice now and they are the best.

Tyler Uyehara Tyler Uyehara a month ago

Alac and ars provided fast, quality service. Would recommend.

Darren Misaresh Darren Misaresh 3 weeks ago

Alec, Dima and Majet were great! Will use them again

Jorge Llanes Jorge Llanes a month ago

Our movers from this company Barry and Paul made our move very easy and quick. Great service all around!

Richard Paganini Richard Paganini 2 months ago

Dennis, Sergei, Argyn & Edward were fantastic! Super fast and professional. Great service!!

Joanne Lear Joanne Lear 3 weeks ago

Thank you for all your help Barry and Denis for all your help. Great service and very fast

Erika Tommerdahl melarsfan@cs.com Erika Tommerdahl melarsfan@cs.com 2 months ago

Fast friendly
Efficient very reasonable
Highly recommend using this company
Alec and Ars. are terrific!

Deepti Shah Deepti Shah a month ago

Lee, Ars and Argyn were awesome ! Very fast, polite and before time.

Oran Zegman Oran Zegman 2 weeks ago

Thank you Barry and Dennis fir a great moving day! Highly recommended!!!!

Neil Talangbayan Neil Talangbayan 2 months ago

Oleg and Ars were a beast of a two man crew! Got my belongings in and out the place in less time than I expected. Very professional and very polite. Would go with them again the next time I move.

Lacy Moody Lacy Moody 2 months ago

Alec and Ars did a great job moving me into my new home. Thank you for everything.

Michael Adler Michael Adler 2 months ago

Alec & Ars were very receptive to our directions. Would definately tecomend you use these guys if you're in the LA area.

Dom P Dom P a week ago

Very good experience Max andDavid were great

vavamoov vavamoov 2 months ago

Excellent service alec and ars, very patient very cautious with my belongings and easy to direct

Pedro Romero Pedro Romero 2 weeks ago

Professionals quick and easy service .... thanks Barry and Ars!!!

Lisa Jordan Lisa Jordan 2 months ago

Alec & Ars were AWESOME !!!
I would highly recommend them!
Keep up the great work ☺

Christina Cueson Christina Cueson a month ago

Alec and Sergi were very friendly, helpful and quick! Would definitely recommend them to others.

Deshaun Blackshear Deshaun Blackshear a month ago

Showed up on time, quick, professional and made my move easy! Thanks Barry and Denis!

TheCoralClimb TheCoralClimb 2 months ago

Great job, super fast and efficient, Alec and his team were professional and friendly.

Kristina Maier Kristina Maier a year ago

Happy with service and would definitely use them again!
These movers you can trust!
I hired them two days ago to move a three bedroom from a giant complex in Downtown to Santa Monica and Sam, Max and Ivan were great guys to do the job. They were fast, polite and very professional. Wrapped everything thoroughly and moved it perfectly.
Great work and really 5 star customer service! I'm so impressed!
Thank you Happy Home Moving.

Madison Brightwell Madison Brightwell 3 weeks ago

These movers were great, very helpful and efficient.

Иван Корчагин Иван Корчагин 2 months ago

Just three words: cheap, fast and professional! Amazing company!

Jason Kim Jason Kim 3 weeks ago

Alec & Ars were wonderful !

Selman Yildirim Selman Yildirim 3 weeks ago

Great guys Barry and Denis,thank you

hamdan al mazrouei hamdan al mazrouei a month ago

This company very helpful and respectful

Nadira Alieva Nadira Alieva a year ago

I've found Happy home moving through google. It was the easiest move I've ever had. These guys were the best. They packed and moved my apt very quickly. Highly recommend.

Isabel Lemon Isabel Lemon 2 months ago

Fabulous!!! Saved my butt.

Olga L Olga L a year ago

Thank you Ali and his crew for the help . The guys were awesome, fast and pro. No damages or mess! I'll definitely hire them again. Very honest company

Aza Mamba Aza Mamba a year ago

The guys Artem (sorry, not sure) and Samson were cute, they done my move quick without damage, dissembled my bed . they didn't have a long break. Thank you guys! I highly recommend!

Rustam Panevsky Rustam Panevsky a year ago

Second time using happy home moving inc. Our movers were patient and courteous, really nice guys. We had a washer and dryer on the second floor that our guys had to move down a narrow, twisty stairway. It was a very hard job but they completed it cheerfully and without damaging the appliances.
Overall a great job. I would use Happy Home Moving Inc again.

Alisher Rasulov Alisher Rasulov a year ago

After usind these company i can say that you can trust these movers! I moved on my own and I was really stressed because i hate moving, who doesn't? But Bakhty, Said and Samson made me feel really comfortable and I didn't even have to lift a finger. They came on time and took care of my stuff Most important right after I saw them I felt that i can trust them with my stuff and that everything will be ok!

No hidden charges, nothing was broken and they even helped me arrange stuff at my new place . Great job!

Alexander Kertanov Alexander Kertanov 3 weeks ago

Katie Betzing Katie Betzing a month ago

Ana Contreras Ana Contreras a month ago

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